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18 juin 1918 - Masques à gaz aux mules et chevaux, et félicitations présidentielles Texte en langue anglaise

The Plattsburgh sentinel
1er août 1930
(article publié aussi dans The Times Recorder from Zanesville, 20 juillet 1930)

Vet Prizes Hoover's Letter
Above Medal for Heroism

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Curtis E. Harrison prizes a letter more than his Distinguished Service medal.
The medal was recently awarded him by congress for heroism in saving his mules and horses under fire in France, but the letter was written by the President. He wrote:
"My dear Mr. Harrison:
"I have noted with satisfaction the recognition of your heroism during the world war in standing by your mules and horses entrusted to your care, and protecting them at the expense of wounds and grave personal danger to yourself.
"Unselfish service in helping a stricken comrade on the battlefield ls a soldierly quality that always inspires admiration.
"But your heroic action in risking your life to care for these dumb animals carries an added touch of unselfishness and devotion to duty, justifying a peculiar gratification among those who hold in high esteem the best traditions of the military service.
"Yours faithfully,
"Herbert Hoover."

Harrison's exploit took place at the town of Migneville, France, on June 18, 1918.
The enemy threw 600 gas shells into the town, and Corporal Harrison, at the first alarm, succeeded in adjusting the gas masks on the horses and mules.
Later, when shrapnel and high explosives were thrown over, penetrating the barn where the animals were billeted, Harrison entered the place alone to care for them. He was twice wounded by shrapnel.


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