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Aire de jeux - Bon-Accueil exemplaire - 1920

Cet étonnant article australien reproduit un passage de la revue américaine «  Parks & Recreation - Official journal devoted to the dissemination of knowledge », publiant en juillet 1920 un article «  Where the children play », signé E. Brodnax.
Malgré une géographie bien approximative (qui situe Blâmont sur la Meuse, près de Verdun), le «  Bon Accueil » («  Welcome House ») est cité en exemple.

Daily Herald (Adelaïde - Australie)
Jeudi 2 décembre 1920


Great importance is attached in America to the provision of suitable recreation grounds and playfields for children. Information has just been received in Melbourne showing the work that has been done in Detroit in this direction. Detroit has a population of 700,000, and is practically the same size as Melbourne and Suburbs.
In April 1919, a park and recreation bond issue for £2,000,000 was made. Since then there has been unprecedented activity in Detroit toward building up a carefully planned park and recreation system. In the past year, the City Plan Commission has investigated 35 playgrounds and playfield sites and about 25 different sites for parks. Twenty playground sites were recommended by the Common Council, of which 18 were accepted. These consisted of about 22.23 acres. Five playfields were recommended and ordered by the Common Council, adding 153.44 acres to the existing playfields.
Seven parks, parkways or parte enlargement have been accepted and ordered by the Common Council upon the recommendation of the City Plan Commission, thus adding 1744.7 acres to the park acreage, which consisted of only 982 acres before 1919. To further the accessibility of every park site, the City Plan Commission is preparing plans for a 160 feet encircling driveway. Certain portions have already been dedicated.
Regarding other activities by the Americans in relation to playgrounds and recreation, a recent report by the Director of Publicity of the of the American Society states: -
“France is solving the problem of playgrounds and recreational centres in the areas devastated by the war under the leadership of child experts from the United States. Around Lille along nearly 700 children are learning to play under the guidance of 15 kindengarten experts from the United States, headed by Miss Fanibelle Curtis, of New-York, director of Jardin d'Enfants unit of the American Red Cross.

"Another playground for French children has its site on the banks of the River Meuse. The village of Blamont, near Verdun, has established a civic centre in a fine old mansion only slightly damaged by the war, and in the spacious garden that stretches to the river are playgrounds for the children. Welcome House, then name given to this civic centre which contains the dispensary, the schoolrooms, the swimming pool, and public baths of the people of Blamont, was dedicated to the American people who made it possible."

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