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Ambulance Service - Section 585th - 1917-1918
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Record of S.S.U. 585
George J. Shively
Ed. New York 1920

[...] 1917 [...]

December 24. After breakfast cars are moved to the French caserne, where Section is assigned three large rooms - two for Americans and one for French - and one small room for bureau. Mighty cold, but stove is set up in one of the rooms, also used for a mess-hall. Cunningham and Corp. Lundgren make first trip to Menil for three assis. Our Division has not yet come up to lines. Several avions around today. Section by unanimous vote declines invitation to join with Section 92 in their Christmas dinner.

December 25. Snowed last night. Extra detail in kitchen today. Section has fine Christmas dinner - desserts are partly due to gifts from Lieut. Abbot and Bradley, Rubber boots and duplicate shipment of oilskins arrive today, but no Christmas packages. Lieut. Abbot makes a round of new section postes. Men are free to spend afternoon and evening in town. Each man gets two francs from section fund for supper.

December 26. Box of turkeys and other Christmas articles arrive. Boots distributed. Check for five hundred and twelve francs arrives - to cover rations saved by Section at Base Camp. Crane and Bowerman taken to Hospital 12/16, Baccarat. Both have the grippe. Butler appointed Statistical Sub-Section for 63/585. Weber goes to Luneville for lost letter of credit - buys mandolin.

December 27. Our Division starts moving up to trenches today. Section votes to have its turkey dinner at the hotel. More snow.

December 28. French helmets arrive and are distributed. Corp. Lundgren put in charge of oil and gasoline. Good music this evening, furnished by Green with mandolin, "Van" with the drum, "Howie" the bugle and Yens the harmonica.

December 29. First big batch of Christmas packages arrives. Bowerman and Crane return from hospital. In evening Section has dinner at H6tel-duPont. Fine feed. Frenchmen in Section are there, also Lieut. Mauser and the French Lieut, of No. 92. Short speeches by Lieut. Abbot, Larkin and Trieffault.

December 30. Section takes over postes today. Five cars out at all times - for present, two men to a car. Four postes - Badonviller, Montigny, Herbeviller, Ogeviller. One car on call at H. O. E., Baccarat. Section is attached to the 128th Division. More packages.

December 31. Section moves this afternoon to the quarters formerly occupied by Section 92 - at the "Cristallerie." Section 92 moves up to the caserne. Quiet New Year's Eve. Lewis and Lyman return at 9 p.m. from permission in Paris. L'Antoine from permission. Proal to permission.


January 1. Sleeping space is enlarged and a second stove set up. Room is hired next door - to be used as lounging-room and library. At a special assembly Lieut. Jamon extends New Year's greetings to the Section and makes short speech, followed by a toast to France, America and Victory. Big mail today. Several bottles of champagne are given Section by the French Gov't.

January 2. Calisthenics returned to daily schedule - Stevens leaves this eve for permission.

January 3. Kirby Green taken to Ambulance 226 today - has the grippe.

January 4. Lieut. Abbot tells Section that its gasoline consumption for December was incredibly large. New list of drivers announced and regulations for drivers are posted. Every precaution must be taken against loss of "essence."

January 5. Bates and D. C. Peters went on their permission at 7.30 p.m. Shively assumes the duties of Mess Sergeant.

January 6. Cunningham and Van Doren to Ambulance 226 - have the grippe.

January 7. Bureau moved to house next to quarters. Hot baths are provided in the Cristallerie.

January 8. Kitchen enlarged.

January 9. Inspection. Packard truck goes for wood. Straw received for ticks. No mail.

January 10. Lieut. Abbot and Lieut. Jamon inspect postes and infirmaries of the Badonviller sector with the Medecin Divisionnaire. Room for section infirmary hired adjoining "library."

January 11. Cunningham and Green return from sick in Ambulance 226. Section receives tickets for a French musical show this evening.

January 12. Lieut. Abbot and Lieut. Jamon inspect roads in Badonviller sector - and visit Neuviller.

January 13. Van Doren returns from Ambulance 226.

January 14. Postes are changed today. Two cars are stationed at Migneville - no longer at Ogeviller and Herbeviller. Stevens returns from permission.

January 15. In morning, Section learns that French are to make an attack at Badonviller. Four cars and the Packard are stationed there, four others at Pexonne and others held in waiting at Baccarat. Attack is made in afternoon - cars are kept busy carrying in blesses until after 2 a.m. Packard is stuck in a ditch near Vacqueville. Several Boche blesses brought in.
January 16. Section rises late. More than thirty Boche prisoners are in the court before Division Headquarters today. Packard returns. Proal back from permission.

January 17. Conference in first-aid methods at H. O. E. in the afternoon - Section attends. Bates and D. C. Peters return from permission. Lieut. Abbot goes to Nancy to get pay.

January 18. Men paid today. Marcellus, Green and Tremaine leave on permission.

January 19. Miiller, L'Antoine, Trieffault and Martinet leave Section. After today men must have "permis de circulation" to circulate in streets of Baccarat before 5 p.m.

January 20. Men have the afternoon "off."

January 21. New alarm clock - guard is up on time this morning.

January 22. Section takes gas test at Caserne I'Admirault this afternoon. Beginning today there is but one guard.

January 23. Inspection of cars, quarters and grounds.

January 24. Conference at H. O. E. on bandaging and hypodermic injection.

January 26. Box of reserve provisions is packed. Boxes containing Quaker Oats and phonograph records which were lost at Bar-le-Duc October 9 are received from Lieut. Mauser. Section is given tickets for entertainment given at the Military Theatre.

January 27. Phonograph is placed in library. Ham and eggs for breakfast. Sachs of Section 92 and a British soldier visit Section.

January 29. Lieut. Abbot receives word that Sgt. Johnstone is on permission at Nice before returning to Section.

January 30. Three American soldiers from Headquarters spend night with the Section.

January 31. Third conference at H. O. E. on antiseptics, bandaging, etc. The three American soldiers are rationed with the Section. Lieut, visits the postes to have men on duty there sign pay roll.

February 1. Card index for men of Section is completed. Several men take gas test.

February 2. Marcellus, Tremaine and Green return from permission. Corp. Lundgren, Baljantyne and Butler leave on permission at 7.30 p.m.

February 3. Large American mail arrives, together with a shipment of clothing.

February 7. Work on Packard truck finished. Several cars washed. Fourth conference at H. O. E. Diedrichs leaves on permission.

February 8. Small French attack expected last night. Lieut. Abbot and Lieut. Jamon go to Badonviller to relieve Bates and Larsen, who are sent to Neuviller. Nothing doing.

February 9. Weber and Larsen sent to Neuviller last night, but nothing happened. Slight French attack at Badonviller but no casualties. Lieut. Jamon, Lieut. Abbot and Sgt. Johnstone visit Badonviller and find a new means of evacuating P. S. of Rendezvous-des-Chasseurs in case of attack on Badon.

February 10. Another scare at Badonviller last night.

February 11. Painting "S. S. U. 585" on cars is begun.

February 12. Proal sent to Pare Y. Lieut. Abbot, Sgt. Johnstone, Marcellus and Campbell go to Nancy to meet paymaster.

February 13. Boche plane drops bombs at Azerailles early this A.M. Two cars are sent to get the victims.

February 14. Last conference at H. O. E.

February 15. Road from Vacqueville to Pexonne for one-way traffic only. Cars have to come back through Neuf-Maisons.

February 16. Received shipment of tobacco from New York Sun fund and citizens of Allentown.

February 17. Many American officers and troops of 42d Division arrive in Baccarat.

February 18. Alerte for avions at ten o'clock last night.

February 19. Harper returns from permission.

February 20. Small ^^ coup-de-main" at Neuviller. Only three blesses. Corp. Lundgren, Ballantyne and Butler return from permission. Shipment of sporting goods from Y. M. C. A. arrives today.

February 21. Big American mail. Lecture at H. O. E. on poisonous gases. Sgt. Peters, Campbell, Clifford and Cunningham leave for Nice on permission.

February 22. Section cars busy today with French and Americans. Fifteen calls. U. S. Field Hospital arrives - without equipment.

February 24. Crane sent to Ambulance 226 with cut hand. Telephone message arrives from Chief U. S. A. S. announcing appointment of Sgt. Johnstone as First Lieut. U. S. A. A. S. and ordering him to report at once at Hqs. U. S. A. S. Diedrichs returns.

February 25. At 8 a.m. roll call, Sgt. Hubbard presents Lieut. Johnstone with an officer's belt in behalf of the men of the Section. Many calls today. Men are assigned U. S. numbers. "Johnny" leaves for Paris.

February 26. Perkins fills place of substitute cook to everyone's satisfaction.

February 28. Lieut. Abbot and Jamon visit postes with Captain of the American Ambulance Section and arrange for transportation of sick and wounded.

March 1. Starting today, men on poste at Badonviller will carry rations from section kitchen. Road from Hablainville-Pettonville is reserved for one-way traffic.

March 2. Letter received from Lieut. Johnstone stating that Carl Holbrook died three weeks ago from indigestion, and that Church Durant is very sick with heart trouble. Lyman and "Van" have a scrap.

March 3. Men are paid for poste rations. Crane returns from Ambulance 226.

March 4. Lieut. Abbot sends a letter to parents of Carl Holbrook and of Church Durant.

March 5. During night of the fourth and fifth Germans attack in front of Badonviller. Fifteen Americans, including one captain, killed. Several cars sent out during the day. First American mail for nearly two weeks.

March 6. General Pershing in town this morning. Packard makes three trips to Vacqueville, brings in thirty-three French who had been gassed. At 4 p.m. funeral is held for the Americans.

March 7. Shipment of Y. M. C. A. goods arrives.

March 8. No orderly sent out on Migneville and Badonviller cars today. Hereafter there will be but one orderly at each of these posts. Sgt. Peters, Clifford, Campbell and Cunningham return.

March 9. Clocks moved ahead one hour at 11 p.m. today. Packard and two ambulances are sent to sawmill between St. Pole and St. Maurice, this noon, with brancardiers and supplies. French and Americans make coups at Neuviller and at Badonviller late in afternoon. Very few wounded - Boches had left trenches. Packard brings in load of gassed Frenchmen - one car stays at sawmill all night. Four American ambulances from Company 168 are stationed at Cristallerie "on call."

March 10. Packard to sawmill for supplies. Borden, Shively and Wasem leave on permission.

March 11. Two ambulances and the Packard to sawmill again. Diedrichs leaves Section.

March 12. Early in A.M. Boches shell sawmill - shrapnel ruins radiator, lamps and motor of Packard. Larrabee and Sgt. Peters have narrow escape when shell fails to explode near their heads. Truck towed in.

March 14. Packard towed to Pare Y for repairs - Corp. Lundgren and Marcellus go with it. Return with another Packard at 8 p.m. New Marechal-des-Logis and Brigadier Ordinaire arrive. Rouger and Emery.

March 16. Van Doren assigned to quarters and kitchen police for two days.

March 18. Capt.-Inspector Hurley arrives and goes over mess fund statements, clothing accountability, etc.

March 19. Five ambulances leave at 6 a.m. for evacuation of hospitals. Lieut. Abbot to Nancy for pay. Germans are shelling all roads along the Front - some of the cars have exciting runs. At 8 p.m. two cars are sent to St. Pole with brancdrdiers and later three cars are sent up near L'Ecureuil. French expected to attack.

March 20. Men from L'Ecureuil return at 5 a.m. - those from St. Pole at nine. No blesses. Lieut. Abbot leaves for Paris this noon on permission. Heavy firing all evening.

March 21. Poste cars busy today. Van Doren is arrested by American M. P. at Badonviller for taking pictures. Held at Pexonne as a spy. Spends night in the guardhouse.

March 22. Van Doren turned over to Sgt. Peters this A.M. by M. P. Very busy day - nineteen calls. Borden, Shively and Wasem return from permission at Aix-les-Bains.

March 23. American troops continue to pass through Baccarat on way back from trenches. American Ambulance 168 leaves today. Orders arrive for Bates to report for Infantry O. T. C. which opens March 31, 1918.

March 24. Eight ambulances are called out at 3.45 to evacuate to French hospital train. Russell and Stevens are relieved at Montigny this A.M. - they have made eleven trips in less than two days. Section is ordered on the alerte today - no one can leave the cantonment. Mme. Thomas' house in Badonviller is ruined by a shell. Alerte for avions at 10 p.m. Brichard goes on permission. Learn of big German offensive and shelling of Paris. Can scarcely believe reports.

March 25. So many shoes and tubes are punctured on the Badonviller road that Lieut. Jamon goes to Nancy to get supply. Lieut. Abbot returns from Paris.

March 26. Lieuts. Abbot and Jamon visit Badonviller this P.M. Flint and Voorhees and Lieut. Jamon are ready to leave on permission when order arrives suppressing all leaves. Avions over tonight drop bombs near railroad station. Men take to cave four times.

March 28. Men ordered to cut down baggage as much as possible - hear that Section is to move soon. Pvt. Howard P. Potter joins Section from Base Camp U. S. A. A. S. tonight.

March 30. Cars on poste at Montigny and Badonviller are relieved by American ambulances. Lieuts. Abbot and Jamon inspect postes in St. Clement sector.

March 31. Cars are stationed at new postes - two cars at Herbeviller, three at Benamenil and two at Domjevin.

April 1. Up at 5.30. Raining hard. Leave Baccarat at eight for St. Clement. Section 92 does not get out until afternoon. Various rooms and lofts are assigned as quarters. Men very dissatisfied.

April 3. Lieut. Jamon's car towed to Nancy and Ford touring car secured in its place.

April 6. Brichard returns from permission. Car returning from Domjevin is not replaced.

April 7. Two cars are sent to Moyen - stationed there at H. O. E. for evacuation work. Poste is changed from Herbeviller to Ogeviller.

April 8. French start eating from the American kitchen today. "Mathe" helping our cooks.

April 9. Section box of personal effects sent to Pare Y. Sgt. Hubbard is put in charge of motor supplies, tires, etc.

April 11. Red Cross tent given to G. B. D., 128 D. I.

April 12. Lieut. Jamon, Lieut. Abbot and twenty men take gas test, each driver trying out his Tissot in addition to the ordinary mask. Band concert in P.M. and ball game after supper.

April 13. Slight change in sanitary service of the sector. Triage moved from Benamenil to Ambulance 6/7, Chenevieres. Two Boche avions added a little excitement to the day's doings.

April 14. Excellent dinner today for the Section, celebrating the entrance of U. S. into the war. Field day of 169 R. I. in P.M.

April 15. Lieut. Jamon, Lieut. Abbot, Shively and Lyman go to Baccarat in A.M. and get some commissary supplies. American mail arrives.

April 16. Victrola set up and greatly enjoyed.

April 18. No. 208 is towed to Nancy today.

April 19. American and French Lieuts. of S. S. U. 534 look over cantonment and postes today. Larsen and Corp. Lundgren go to Nancy with permis rouge for car No. 208. Word comes that Section is to move to Baccarat.

April 20. Corp. Lundgren and Marcellus return with No. 208.

April 21. Cars at Benamenil and Ogeviller are relieved by cars from S. S. U. 534. Atelier and most of section baggage packed in cars. Two Americans from S. S. U. 534 eat with us today.

April 22. Section leaves St. Clement (in rain as usual) - moves to Baccarat, where cars are parked near Hospital Mixte. Wasilik and Larkin come directly from Moyen. Voorhees stays in St. Clement, waiting for Medecin Divisionnaire. In afternoon cars are moved to Rue de Glonville, where kitchen is set up. Most of men are quartered in a barn, others through Rouger's efforts secure rooms near by.

April 23. Order comes to move, so Section leaves for Bazien - small village between Baccarat and Rambervillcr. Men not enthusiastic over the move - strike - but esprit de corps returns after talks by Lieut. Abbot and Sgt. Peters. Men quartered in big new barn. Good bureau. Victrola is set up.

April 24. D. C. Peters and Emery go to Baccarat for supplies. Men permitted to secure rooms in town. Order comes through French renewing permissions.

April 25. Voorhees, Russell and Rouger leave on permission.

April 26. Big requisition is sent in to complete standard equipment of tools, spare parts and supplies. Twelve men given passes to Baccarat or Ramberviller this P.M. Must be back at eight !

April 27. Clifford works on mess fund statements.

April 28. Ten men are sick with grippe. In afternoon "Bill" Flint is taken to French H. O. E. at Baccarat.

April 29. More men are sick this A.M.

April 30. Flint returns from hospital.

May 2. Several men lose their rooms for returning late after passes or missing roll call, and Van Doren loses car and it is assigned to Perkins. "Van" is arrested by gendarme and M. P. for having camp in woods. Later taken to Baccarat, where he spends night in guardhouse.

May 3. Orders to leave. Section packs up in A.M. "Van" returns to Section just before it leaves Bazien at 1.45 p.m. Googins' car goes bad at Nossoncourt - new car has to be sent from Nancy. First real American mail for long time. Section spends night at Charmes.

May 4. This afternoon bunch goes swimming in the Moselle. Sgt. Hubbard, Green, Googins, Wasilik and Wasem with their cars leave by train with the Division.

May 5. Up at 3 a.m. and off at four. Lieut. Abbot joins Section at Neufchateau. Stop at noon at Chaumont and reach Troyes for supper. While entering town Tremaine's car hits little boy, seriously injuring him.


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