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37ème U.S. Division - Secteur de Baccarat Texte en langue anglaise

The thirty-seventh's bit in the world's war of 1914-1918 : a brief story
H. W. Fenker


THE Baccarat Sector, in the Vosges mountains, taken over by the troops of this Division, extended for a distance of fifteen kilometers from the Forest des Elieux, north of the village of Badonviller, through the Bois Communal de la Woevre, Bois des Haies, the villages of Merviller and Ancerviller, along the edge of Bois Banal to the southern edge of the Bois des Pretres. While this sector, in the beautiful wooded hills and mountains of the Vosges, was considered inactive, it was a position of responsibility and just as much effort and hard work were expended in its preservation as if it were the most vital part of the great battle line extending from the North Sea to the Border of Switzerland. Truly every foot of that long line had to be securely held.
Here the men of the Division had their initial training under fire, and although under continual observation, interrupted by enemy artillery and aeroplanes, training continued. During the period of six weeks that the Division held this sector, each night when the weather permitted, enemy aeroplanes would raid Baccarat and vicinity. Two of these raids were particularly heavy. From our side the score was more than evened by successfully carrying out one large gas projector attack against the enemy and by destroying with aeroplane bombs his dumps at Cirey and Blamont. The first patrols composed of men of the 37th Division to enter contested territory, were sent out during the first week of occupation in this sector and every night thereafter they stalked the enemy in No-Man's-Land. Each patrol added boldness to the next and so agressive did they become, that soon absolute control was maintained over No-Man's-Land. Two large raids during the last week of stay in the Baccarat Sector, penetrated the enemy lines for over a kilometer, returned with prisoners and without the loss of a single man.
While in this sector the Division was supported by French Artillery, and operated directly under the 6th French Corps, commanded by General Duport. Upon relief, 16 September, 1918, the following commendatory Special Order was issued :


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