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1902 - Omnibus de Lunéville à Blâmont (2) Texte en langue anglaise

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The Motor car journal
4 octobre 1902
Ed. Londres

THE De Dietrich Company have at present two omnibuses which run between Luneville and Blamont, France, a distance of 17.4 miles, each making two round trips per day. The service has been working satisfactorily since the 27th January last, and is stated to show a considerable profit. This type of omnibus can carry twelve persons in the interior and two on the front seat beside the conductor, as well as 440 lbs. of baggage on the roof, the average speed being twelve miles an hour and the maximum speed eighteen miles on a level road. The weight of the vehicle in running order is 3,630 lbs. The figures for the consumption are as follows :- Petrol, 1 gal. per 9 miles ; oil, 1 gal. per 200 miles; water, 1 gal. per 16 miles. The petrol reservoir contains 112 gal., and the water reservoir 84 gal., this allowing a sufficient reserve for an entire day. The following are the principal data for this type of omnibus. The motor, which is of the horizontal two-cylinder type, giving 12 horse-power, is connected with the countershaft by a belt working on a fast and loose pulley, and the speed-changing is carried out by a gear-shifting device and chain transmission. The maximum width of the vehicle is 7 ft.; the total length 13 ft.: and the distance between the axies 7 ft. 2in.
According to the official report of the consumption trial which was organised by the Auto-Velo in February last, a De Dietrich omnibus of the type illustrated consumed in the trip of thirty-six miles from Paris to Longjumeau and back 3.36 gal. of petrol.
The gross weight of the vehicle was 6,360 lbs., including a load of 2,332 lbs. The omnibus made the trip in 3 h. 36 min., including a stop of fifteen minutes at Longjumeau. The consumption of petrol per ton-mile was 0,031 gal. These figures with regard to the efficiency of the vehicle are even better than those stated above by the De Dietrich Company. During the competition of heavy-weight vehicles which was organised by La France Automobile, the De Dietrich vehicles gave a remarkable example of efficiency and endurance. The route was from Paris to Nice, and was covered by the vehicles in successive stages, the trip lasting eleven days. All the cars entered by the De Dietrich Company arrived at Nice in very good condition, after having made the run of 660 miles without having to stop for repairs of any kind.


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